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Alpha Carbons Atoms Volume
5183 A3


Space-filling Spheres
Molecular Surface

Seconday Structure
Scale Dimensions Price
5 x 10 6    large complexes Good size for molecules with 1000-5000 residues - Ribosome to small virus $
10 x 10 6  large molecules Good size for molecules with 300-1000 residues - Antibody to Nucleosome $
20 x 10 6  small molecules Good size for molecules up to 300 residues - Insulin - Ligand to Hemoglobin $

Institutional Type:
TSRI (internal)
Estimated Price: $53

All you need are the 3D coordinates of your molecule in PDB format, or standard format 3D volumetric data for EM structures and a desired isocontour level... and an idea and we'll build an actual three-dimensional physical structure you can hold in your hand and pass from person to person.Send us a Protein Data Bank (PDB) file with a description of your audience and purpose, and we can print a full-color plaster structure. You can use rugged surface models for interaction studies that explore deep binding pockets, or gossamer ribbon models to contemplate backbone details. We can accept numerous 3D file formats, including vrml and stl. We can also print sessions saved from many popular molecular viewers.

The structure's volume, special materials, our time, and shipping combine to determine the model's cost. 2010 estimates are: $9.48 per cubic inch of material/binder used $19.00 per ounce of superglue used for delicate regions (sometimes the entire model) $47.38 per hour of design, printing, post-processing, and preparation time Standard FedEx Rates (other shipping methods have repeatedly proven unreliable)

Contact Adam Gardner by phone (858) 784-2751 or by email agardner@scripps.edu. Everything we make is custom. A typical model takes between 1 and 10 hours of design/printing time, 1 to 50 cubic inches of material and 0.5 to 5 ounces of superglue, thus average prices range from $50.00 to $500.00.

Scripps Research Institute labs receive an 48% discount