Who: The service was started by Prof. Art Olson of the Molecular Graphics Laboratory at The Scripps Research Institute along with technician Jon Huntoon. We derive our expertise in physical modeling from the decades of experience in virtual molecular modeling and visualization.

What: Our service operates as non-profit from within the Scripps Research Institute. We charge cost of material and time only.

Why: There are several motivations for creating physical models:

  • as pedagogic tools for students or those unfamiliar with atomistic structures
  • as objects to generate or test theories (e.g., the structure of DNA)
  • as analogue computers (e.g., for measuring distances and angles in flexible systems)
  • as aesthetically pleasing objects on the boundary of art and science

  • affordable and portable
  • immediate tactile and visual messaging
  • easy interactivity for many processes

Where: We are located in La Jolla, CA.

Here are a few papers on this and related subjects published by the Molecular Graphics Laboratory:

  • Gillet A, Sanner M, Stoffler D, and Olson A,"Tangible Interfaces for Structural Molecular Biology" Structure 2005: 13 p483–491
    get it from here

  • Gillet A, Sanner M, Stoffler D, and Olson A. "Tangible Augmented Interfaces for Structural Molecular Biology" IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications March 2005 p13-17